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Student Dress Code

East Valley Central School believes that students should take pride in themselves and in the school and community they represent. Personal appearance is important in the EVC quest for “spirit, pride, and excellence.” 

Following are the specific dress code expectations during school hours:

If a student fails to meet minimum dress code, the student will be asked to call home for a change of clothing.  The student will then be loaned appropriate attire and return to class.  The student may change into other clothing provided it is during passing period or lunch. Repeated dress code violations will result in disciplinary action.

Shirts & Tops

  • Appearance that distracts from the learning process is unacceptable.  For this reason excessively revealing tops, exposed underwear, tube tops, halter tops, muscle shirts or tank tops that are cut low under the arm, shirts that expose the midriff or back, racer back less than five inches,  sheer or see-through clothing, and excessively low cut tops are prohibited. Tops may not reveal any amount of cleavage.

  • Shirts must have a two finger minimum width (1.5 inches) at the shoulder. Any part of the bra, except straps that accidentally fall out, cannot Pants, Shorts & Skirts


  • Pants that are excessively oversized or undersized (two or more waist sizes from the normal) are not permitted.

  • Shorts must have an inseam of at least 5” and skirts must cover underwear and private areas while sitting and standing and must be one inch below the finger tips.

  • No skin may be showing from an area 1 inch below the fingertips to the waistline.

  • No undergarments showing. Undergarments must be worn.


  • Bandanas and hairnets may not be worn on campus or to school activities.

  • Hats are okay to wear, but individual teachers, para-professionals, school supervision assistants or administrators may ask students to remove their hat.

  • Hoods may not be worn inside any buildings on campus.


  • Footwear that has a solid sole is required. 


  • Symbols that can be construed to be racist, sexist, or in other ways discriminatory in nature cannot be worn at school (e.g.: Confederate flag).

  • Any clothing or items that include the use of lewd, sexual, racial, drug, tobacco or alcohol related messages (direct or implied) are prohibited.

  • No dark sunglasses, unless prescribed by a doctor, worn inside of the building.

  • Cosmetic contacts that alter the normal appearance of the eyes are prohibited.

  • Pajamas are not appropriate for an educational setting.

    The following apparel and items that can be an indicator of gang activity are prohibited on East Valley School District property at any time:

    • Showing “colors” through clothing items such as shoelaces, gloves, belts, hats, shirts, and sweatshirts are not permitted.

    • Dangling belts are not permitted.

    • Showing a pattern of consistently wearing the same color, such as red or blue.

    • Any apparel or items that have gang related numbers, symbols, designs, drawings or lettering is not permitted on property or body.