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Athletic Code

Student Activity Code

General Philosophy

The opportunity to participate in the activity program is a privilege for students.  Participants in this voluntary program are expected to conform to the specific conduct standards as outlined in the Activity Code. Students who choose to participate, and their parents, should recognize that being involved in athletics or other activities means spending additional time, money, and effort, as well as possible sacrifices.  Participants should be reminded that they will be representing not only themselves, but also their family, their team, their school and their community.  Participants should understand that high standards of academic performance, citizenship and conduct are expected because they have chosen to represent their school and community.


 A student who is found to be in violation of any rule is subject to discipline/exclusion from the team.  The sanctions imposed for rule violations will be of a progressive nature, with repeated violations calling for more severe sanctions. However, violations of the code, which cause a serious health or safety problem or substantially disrupt the activity, may result in immediate exclusion from the activity for the remainder of the school year.  A grievance hearing procedure for students is set forth in WAC 180-40-240, incorporated by this reference in this code.  In summary, the WAC provides for a review by the Principal, then Superintendent or designee, and finally the School Board.  During the grievance or appeal of any discipline imposed, the discipline shall continue unless the Principal postpones such action.


Definitions & Clarifications

Duration and Who is Covered- Participants in athletic and activity  programs will be required to observe the provisions of the Activity Code at all times from the first day of turnout to last contest for that activity or WIAA sport season.  The following policies apply to participants in all athletic programs including team support personnel (managers, stat keepers, etc.) and school activities which has competitions or performances.

Suspension School Related - A School Related Suspensions 1) In-school 2) Out-of-school – During such discipline an athlete may not participate in either a practice or a contest until the suspension is completed.

Suspensions Team Related - During such discipline an athlete may not participate in a contest including pre-game warm-up but may participate in practice pending the team guidelines.

Suspension Length:  The length of the suspension is based on the Article/Section of the athletic code violated.  If the suspension is based on a percentage, it is a percentage of total contests for the individual sport season. The length of the suspension may carry over into the next sport season in which, the athlete participates to complete the terms of his/her suspension.

Academic Ineligibility – During such discipline an athlete cannot participate in a contest, travel with the team, or sit with the team at a contest, but may continue to practice.

Athletic Board – Building Principal, Athletic Director, Head Coach of the sport and a Head Coach not in season.

Student Related Conduct – Refers to athletes at schools.

Athletic Related Conduct Refers to athletes as part of the team during competition or practice.


Article I  WIAA Regulations

Washington Interscholastic Activity Association (WIAA) rules shall apply in all cases of academic eligibility, physical examinations, residency, transfer, limitation of seasons, standards on age, amateur standing, and are incorporated herein by this reference.  Failure to follow the WIAA rules may result in sanctions from the WIAA to the individual sport and/or the school in addition to discipline under this Activity Code.



Article II EVSD General Regulations

  • Activity or Sport Changes No student may quit one activity or sport and turn out for another after the regular season contests have begun without the mutual consent of both Coaches and the Athletic Director.


    2.  Participation – Medical Release - Return to Participation - If a student who is injured sees a physician, physical therapist, or another medical professional, a release must be provided to the school office in order to return to participation for liability reasons.  The athlete will not be allowed to participate in the practices or contest until the athlete has been cleared.  Note: the Coach has the discretion to allow the athlete to sit on the bench during contest and may travel with the team. 


    3. P.E. Participation - Students who are in P.E. are required to suit up and participate.  Should an athlete fail to participate they will not be allowed to participate in the practice or contest on that day.


    4. Transportation – Participants agree to follow all school district policies and procedures related to transportation to and from events, which are as follows:  1) If an activity bus has been scheduled students are required to ride the activity bus.  2) Student participants are strongly encouraged to ride the bus following the activity or game.  3) Students may be released only to the parent/guardian following an event.  4) EVHS Parent/guardian(s) must sign a release form supplied by the Coach at the event if they transport their child.   5)  A school administrator must approve variations from these policies and procedures in advance of the activity.  The request must be in writing and approved prior to departure and the administrator has given approval to the Coach in charge.


    5. Uniforms and Equipment – No student shall use uniforms and equipment as personal items of clothing, except as authorized.  Students will be personally responsible for all school equipment checked out to them and will return the same in good condition and on time.  The student to whom it is checked out will pay for equipment if lost or misplaced.  A student will not be allowed to be issued school equipment in another sports season until all equipment has been checked in or, the lost or misplaced equipment has been paid.


Article III  Student Conduct

           The following substantive rules apply to all students participating in the activity program.  Violation of these rules will result in discipline as described in this code.

  • Alcohol – No student shall knowingly possess, use, transmit, show evidence of, or be under the influence of alcoholic beverage or an intoxicant of any kind. Consequence: The first violation will result in no less than exclusion from team(s) for a period of ten (10) consecutive activity days (days of practices or games).  A student may choose to have a UA (at student expense), have and adhere to a drug/alcohol assessment. If a student chooses this option the term of exclusion will be reduced to 5 days. This option is a first violation only.   Note: additional consequences may be imposed by EVHS policy. A second offense will result in exclusion from all extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the school year.  These training rules apply to violations anywhere on and off the school premises during the defined activity or sports season.


  • Anabolic Steroid / Legend Drugs / Controlled Substance: – In accordance with RCW 69.41020-69.41.050, no student shall knowingly possess, use, transmit, be under the influence of, or show evidence of having recently used anabolic steroids or legend drugs (any drug that can only be obtained through prescription) or uniform controlled substances.   The school has the authority to test if there is probable cause.


Consequence:  for the possession, use of sale of legend drugs (drugs obtained through prescription, RCW 69.41.020-­050) and controlled substances (RCW 69.50) shall be as follows:

1st Violation -­ A participant shall be immediately ineligible for interscholastic competition in the Current interscholastic sports program for the remainder of the season.   Ineligibility shall continue until the next sports season in which the participant wishes to participate unless the Student accesses the assistance program outlined in 2 (below.)  An athlete that is found to be in violation of WIAA Rule 18.24.2 (Legend drugs and controlled substances) shall have two options. 

  1. The athlete will be ineligible for participation in contests for the remainder of that interscholastic sports season and must meet with the school eligibility board in order to be eligible to compete in the next interscholastic sports season.  The school eligibility board will make a recommendation to the school principal.  The school principal will have the final authority regarding the student’s participation in further interscholastic sports programs. 

  2. The athlete may choose to seek and receive help for a problem with use of legend drugs or controlled substances.  Successful utilization of school and or community assistance programs may allow him/her to have eligibility re-­instated in that athletic season, pending recommendation by the school eligibility board and principal. 

2nd Violation -­ A participant who again violates any provision of RCW 69.41.020 through 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of the second violation.

3rd Violation -­ A participant who violates for a third time RCW 69.41.020 -­ 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be permanently ineligible for interscholastic competition.


  • Attendance at functions or be in immediate proximity where alcohol/drugs are being illegally used: Participants shall not attend functions or be in immediate proximity where alcohol and/or drugs are being used with their knowledge, including placing themselves in circumstances where they should reasonably know that such conditions exist.  If they become aware, they will leave the function or area immediately.  Consequence:  The first violation will result in one contest suspension.  The second and/or subsequent violation will be consistent with the same as those outlined for use of alcohol/drugs.


  • Criminal Acts – No student shall take part in or act in violation (constitutes a violation) of city, county, state or federal criminal law.  This applies to violations anywhere on or off the school premises during the defined activity or sports season.  Consequence:  The exclusion/suspension will go into effect upon evidence of reasonable belief that a criminal activity occurred.


  • Student Related Conduct – No athlete shall violate any of the establishedStudent Code of Conductrules outlined in student handbook.  Violation of school rules may result in consequences, which may impact participation in practices and/or contests.  (Example: violation of  school dress code)


  • Athletic Related Conduct -- Willful disobedience, disruptive conduct, harassment (including mental, sexual, or physical abuse), fighting, irregular attendance, vulgarity and profanity while participating in his/her activity, unsafe actions, and unsportsmanlike conduct may lead to discipline.  ConsequenceFor the first offense, the maximum disciplinary action may be up to 10% of contests for the individual sport as determined by the Coach/supervisor, who will report the infraction in writing, to the athletic director. Extenuating circumstances may result in removal from the team for the remainder of the season.  The offender will not sit on the bench during contests or will not travel with the team while he/she is being disciplined.  The participant will be required to attend all practices during his/her disciplinary action.  Repeat offenses will result in additional 10% (10% + 10%) of contests for the individual sport without competition and may lead to suspension from all extra-curricular activities for the remainder of that academic year.


  • Sportsmanship – No athlete shall display unsportsmanlike conduct or use abusive or profane language in any practice or any contest.  Consequence: The consequence will be progressive and at the discretion of the head coach and Athletic Director.


  • Team Rules – In addition to the EVHS rules set forth above, students are responsible for additional rules that are unique to specific activities, as determined by the Head Coach.  These rules shall be in writing, approved by the administration, and be distributed to participating students.  Consequence: As stated in team rules.


  • Team Building Activities:

  • There shall be no activities that are commonly considered initiation rites or hazing.

  • The purpose of any recognition activity must be positive in nature and not have the intent to embarrass or humiliate other students.

  • The Head Coach and Athletic Director must approve team-building activities, including welcoming new members on to a team.

    Consequences:  Athletes who violate this policy shall be subject to a seven calendar day suspension.


  • Tobacco – No student shall knowingly possess, use or transmit tobacco of any kind. Consequence: The first violation will result in suspension for a period of five (5) consecutive activity days (may practice but cannot participate in any contest for five activity days).  A second offense will result in suspension from all extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the sports season.  Training rules apply to violations anywhere on and off the school premises during the defined activity or sports season.


Article IV Attendance

The attendance policy reflects our East Valley student/athletes are students first.

1.  School Attendance – A student absent from class for any part of a school day will not be permitted to participate in a practice, activity or contest on that day. The Principal or designee has the right to and discretion to permit a student to participate. (Note: Occasionally, an athlete may be permitted to participate when they have a doctor’s appointment that causes them to miss school if they minimize the amount of class time missed and they bring a note from the doctor upon their return stating the conditions of their return to participation.  Note: Students should pre-arranged for their absence.)


2.  School Suspension - A student who is suspended from school on out-of–school suspension or in-school suspension may not practice or participate in any school activity that day(s).  A student is eligible to compete on a Saturday or over a vacation if the student’s suspension is completed on Friday or the last school day prior to that vacation.


3. Practice Attendance – It shall be a violation of these rules to have an unexcused absence from practice or meeting of the activity. Consequence: Will be at the discretion of Head Coach as stated in the team rules.


Article V Scholarship

A student/athlete attending East Valley School District must be passing all classes and enrolled in at least 5 classes or equivalent credits while participating on an athletic team.  Student participants’ grades will be checked weekly, each Thursday, to identify participants who have not maintained academic eligibility standards. Students not maintaining the academic eligibility standards at grade checks will be considered ineligible and the ineligibility will begin the Monday following the grade check through Sunday to the next Monday and for JV/C Football Squad, their dates are Tuesday, through Monday,  . Ineligible means a student cannot participate in a contest, travel with the team, or sit with the team at a contest, but may continue to practice.


  1. WIAA rules on academic eligibility will supersede district rules at semester grading period.  WIAA stipulates that a student must be passing five classes in a six period class schedule or equivalent credits in the immediate preceding semester.  A high school student who failed to make the grade requirements shall be ineligible through the last Saturday of September in the fall sport athletes or the first five (5) weeks of the succeeding semester.  If at the end of this five-week period, the student is passing all scheduled subjects; the student may be reinstated for interscholastic competition.  Students Home Schooled must provide to the Athletic Director verification of registration in the East Valley School District and supply a week grade check to the Athletic Director.


    Definitions or Consequences:

  1. Academic Ineligibility - means a student cannot participate in a contest. .  In addition: The offender will not sit on the bench during contests or will not travel with the team while he/she is academically ineligible.  The participant will be required to attend all practices during his/her disciplinary action unless prior arrangements have been made.  


  2. Passing – “Passing” is interpreted to mean at least a grade of “D.”


  3. Incompletes – Students with incompletes will be dealt with on an individual basis by the administration.  A student will be eligible on the day that the incomplete has been approved by the administration.


    2.   Appeals - Academic appeals will be heard by the Athletic Director, Principal, and a parent, a coach from another program, an additional teacher, and the teacher from the class where the student is failing.



Article VI Due Process

 Disciplinary procedures of this code are established to provide a fair and consistent manner of   implementing sanctions.  It is the responsibility of the Advisor/Coach to impose disciplinary measures. In the case of exclusion for more than the remainder of the day, the Athletic Director will be included in this decision-making process. Prior to the exclusion of a student for more than the remainder of the day, the student will be verbally advised of the alleged violation and have an opportunity to respond in a conference with the Coach and Athletic Director.  If exclusion is justified after the conference, the student and parents will be notified of the exclusion imposed.


  1. Appeals - Any student, parent, and/or guardian who is aggrieved by the imposition of a discipline for violations of these rules and regulations, shall have the right to an informal conference with the Coach, Athletic Director, and Principal for the purpose of reconsideration.  Said conference shall take place upon two (2) days prior notice to the principal. (The student shall be responsible for presenting his/her case.)  IF A STUDENT, PARENT, AND/OR GUARDIAN DO NOT MAKE A WRITTEN REQUEST FOR THIS INFORMAL CONFERENCE WITHIN THREE (3) SCHOOL BUSINESS DAYS OF THE IMPOSITION OF THE DISCIPLINE, THEY WILL HAVE WAIVED THEIR RIGHT TO THE INFORMAL CONFERENCE AND ANY FURTHER APPEAL.


EVC Athletic Eligibility


In order to be eligible to participate in interscholastic sports at East Valley High School, you must meet the eligibility requirements:  


Eligibility Requirement

  1. Complete online athletic registration

  2. Pay required fees

      1. ASB Card:  $20.00

  3. Student/athlete does not turn 15 years of age before the start of each sports season.

  4. Student/athlete must be enrolled in (regular member) East Valley MS and passing 6 classes or equivalent credits in both the immediate preceding and current semester. 

  5. Student/athlete must be in regular attendance within the first fifteen (15) school days in a semester in order to participate in interscholastic contests during the current semester.

  6. Student/athlete have passed a physical examination from a medical authority approved by law.  The current physical must be signed and is good for one year (13 months) from the date the physical took place.

  7. Insurance Waiver or School Insurance – You must have medical insurance coverage that includes the minimum provisions listed on the Parent Consent Form.