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Sports Offered & Eligibility

Eligibility Requirement

  1. Must be a current 7th or 8th grade student.
  2. Complete online athletic registration
  3. Pay required fees
    1. ASB Card:  $20.00
  4. Student/athlete does not turn 15 years of age before the start of each sports season.
  5. Student/athlete must be enrolled in (regular member) East Valley MS and passing 6 classes or equivalent credits in both the immediate preceding and current semester.  
  6. Student/athlete must be in regular attendance within the first fifteen (15) school days in a semester in order to participate in interscholastic contests during the current semester.
  7. Student/athlete have passed a physical examination from a medical authority approved by law.  The current physical must be signed and is good for one year (13 months) from the date the physical took place. COVID EXCEPTION- Physicals within the last 24 months will be accepted
  8. Insurance Waiver or School Insurance – You must have medical insurance coverage that includes the minimum provisions listed on the Parent Consent Form.


EVC Offered Sports: During COVID 20-21

EVC COVID Season 1

EVC COVID Season 2

Girls’ Volleyball


Boys’ Soccer