Principal's Message

Principal, Matthew Toth
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Simply put, we miss having your child at East Valley Central (EVC) Middle School. I personally look forward to having all students and staff members back in the building when the time is right and safe. 
EVC’s Spring Parent-Teacher Phone Conferences will be held March 30 - April 1. This is an opportunity to communicate with your child’s teacher(s) about progress prior to the school closure as well as discuss educational resources and any support which we can provide. From March 30 - through April 1 our staff is available to communicate over the phone from 8:00am-11:00am and 12:00pm-3:00pm on each of the three days. This is an opportunity to talk with our faculty at a scheduled time. Spring conferences will be scheduled based upon your desire and availability. Pertinent information related to conferences is listed below. 
It is not necessary to schedule a conference with each of your student’s teachers. 
Conferences are allocated 15 minutes time slots based upon our Skyward system. If you are interested, it is important that you register as soon as you can to ensure a time slot that you prefer. 
When you log into Skyward to register, please post/send a message to the teachers indicating your preferred contact number.
We will have bilingual personnel available to assist you through registration or a conference (3-way phone call. Please email or call (leave a message) for our building secretary, Yurizbi Olivas, for assistance at  or 573-7512.
If available, we recommend having your student with you during each conference. 
At the time of your scheduled conference, our staff will call you from a non-listed phone.
We offer the ability to schedule your conference time online through Family Access. Please see the directions included. By scheduling online, you will receive email reminders and alerts if changes occur. Please schedule your conference(s) online at a time that fits your schedule. This will allow you to reschedule your conference if a conflict occurs. If you need assistance, please feel free to call and leave a message at 573-7500 or 573-7512 (Spanish). Additionally, please keep in mind that our philosophy is communication may take place on any school day throughout the remainder of the school year and maybe initiated by leaving a voice message on the teacher’s classroom extension (found on our website) or through email.  
Thank you, we are hoping everyone is doing well and we appreciate your continuing support. 

Matthew Toth